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Psychology VS Coaching : what exactly is the difference?

Hi, I’m Ornit, Pleased to Meet You

So, what exactly is the difference between psychotherapy and coaching? The key distinction is that one focuses on the past and the other focuses on creating the future. The keyword is NOW.  Right now, we have everything we need to live the life we want, right here, right now, to live our lives on our own terms.

A successful professional life, romantic life, and life in general, starts with our relationship with ourselves. With the questions we ask ourselves: what in our lives is working for us now? What is not working and what will we replace it with? During the coaching process, we work on the gap between: where I am today and where I want to be.

Closing this gap? Well, that is my job.

After years of studying, professional work, and therapy that I went through myself in a life full of challenges; I can now say with certainty that our mental training, much like physical training, builds up our emotional muscles. Once the habit of training our brain as well as our emotions is conditioned in our system, we are more than able to deal with any and every challenge that comes our way.
Once we define ourselves this way – it becomes our identity.

We behave in direct relation to the identity we’ve defined, and this is how we create our results, our reality.
Identity // Behavior // Results.

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Winner’s Habits

We all want to get to the next level –
We want to play the game at the highest level and to become leaders in our fields.
The question is – what will take us there?
What will take us from who we are today to becoming the person we want to be?
There is only one answer – our rituals, our habits.
When we raise our standards, demand more of ourselves, and don’t give up, at first it is difficult. And then we assimilate the habit, it becomes ingrained into our bodies and our minds….and then we totally forget how we were before.
So, let’s associate pleasure with the habits that will take us to the top from now on!

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Decision is Power

Do you have life goals? I’m sure you do.
The most successful people have clear goals. Most people don’t know what they want. In fact, less than 10% of people have clear goals. And even more surprisingly, less than 3% bother to formulate their goals, write them down, and actually work to achieve them as a way of life.

In order to move forward from where we are today to the place we want to be, we first have to visualize this place. We do so by imagining that we are already there: body, mind, spirit. Then we have to ask ourselves why is this important to us? What’s in it for me? What awaits me over there beyond my comfort zone, beyond my fear, or rather – who will I become when I get there?

And the truth is that whoever is waiting there for me is the bigger version of myself, the best version of me.
When this becomes clear and this gap starts to frustrate me, a fire is lit within me. With this passion, clear and compelling vision I must make decisions that will take me to that place and take massive action with determination and consistency.
Prof. Dan Arieli talks about the fact that our ability to make decisions is driven by expectations, emotions and is, in general, biased by invisible and irrational forces. Therefore, we ingrain in ourselves a “future memory” of the person we are going to become, the person who will lead us to take actions that will create these future results. This is our work during the coaching process.
To carve ourselves out.

To be the winning version of ourselves, and this is the most rewarding and most exciting process in the world.
You have my word.

The “Greenhouse Effect” // Design Terminal in Bat Yam

The Outbox Organization was founded on the desire to contribute and pass-it-forward, and on the idea that things can always be done differently, because the world will truly benefit from this.
I am proud to be a part of this amazing organization, which is exceptional in its high-calibre of people, and in the high quality of its vision and goals.
From an article published in Haaretz’s Designer Magazine.