Why Me

I am an International Results Coach, certified by the prestigious Tony Robbins Coaches Academy. My unique method seamlessly blends Tony Robbins techniques along with my proven result-oriented tools that have created lasting change in the lives of dozens of my clients.

אני מאמנת בינלאומית, בוגרת האקדמיה למאמנים של טוני רובינס.
בנוסף לשיטות שהתמחיתי בהן,
אני משלבת את מתודות האימון
היצירתי שפיתחתי לאימון עוצמתי, מחוייב לתוצאות, שעושה שינוי אמיתי
בחייהם של עשרות המתאמנים שלי.

My professional experience spans over 20 years of diverse activity in the fields of communication, PR and advertising. My professional career has included: Head of the Foreign Press at the Israeli Defense Forces Spokesperson’s Unit and Manager of PR departments at advertising agencies such as Gitam BBDO, FCB Shimoni Finkelstein and other business organizations. I specialized as a business coach for individuals and organizations including the leading Israeli advertising firm, McCaan Erickson and other agencies.

My love for the worlds of advertising, communication and coaching, in addition to my rich experience in these fields led me to start Creative Results Coaching.

Over the past few years, I have personally coached over 45 young designers from a variety of creative fields as part of the non-profit organization, “OutBox” at the Design Terminal in Bat Yam. “OutBox” was established to promote young designers in Israel and today I proudly serve as the Chairwoman of “OutBox” and continue to coach other designers and business professionals.